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A modern re-imagining of the old and formerly Nintendo-exclusive Advance Wars series that not only transposes the game onto a fantasy setting but also remembers to add modern features such as cross-platform multiplayer with asynchronous turns or an in-game codex with detailed descriptions and statistics.

While it has a handful of minor issues – such as needing to hold a button for 2s to skip an animation instead of just skipping instantly, or enemies sometimes spawning mid-fight causing you to lose relatively lengthy campaign missions because you couldn’t have known – it also boasts gorgeous pixel artwork and lovely animation bringing your units to life.

If you enjoyed Advance Wars, if turn-based strategy is at all your thing or if you feel that armoured war woofs sound cute, give Wargroove a spin!

Genre: Single and Multiplayer Turn-based tactics title

  • Available for:
  • PC
  • PS4
  • Switch

I played: at least 6 hours


  • Highly detailed and well-animated pixel art
  • 4 factions, each with their own art style
  • Map-editor and map-sharing functions
  • Online-play with asynchronous turns (think Frozen Synapse or Age of Wonders III), a lengthy campaign, local multiplayer including hot seat, arcade missions, puzzles, it got something for everyone
  • Lots of funny dialogue
  • Colorblind options


  • Some UI quirks, all minor though
  • No free saves, it auto-saves if you quit mid-mission
  • The odd annoying mission where new units spawn in behind you so you can't know about it the first time

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