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#Pode Cute, adorable, great controls & wonderful music. Sometimes it's a little hard to see what is going on when played on the switch screen (zoom would have been good). Would have been nice to be able to swap key mapping. Some tough puzzles, but fun in Co-op

Genre: Single Player, Co-op Puzzle

  • Available for:
  • Switch

I played: 10 hours with both single player and co-op


  • Very cute and adorable animation.
  • The story is interesting.
  • Wonderful music that fits the content and creates a great ambience whilst playing.
  • Puzzles are interesting with the skills.


  • It can be a little hard to see things sometimes when you use the switch in portable mode. A zooming option would have rectified this.
  • Annoying in single player, as sometimes the NPC gets stuck.
  • Camera angle can be a pain, as stated before it would be nice with a rotate or zoom option.
  • When in co-op, the button required to use the magnetic skill can physically hurt when you have to press it down for too long. An option to change controller buttons should have been added, as this kills your finger.
  • It can be really tough to work out what you are supposed to do in the puzzles. Too tough.

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