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Mini Game Reviews is an independent game review website run by *gamers*. It’s as simple as that. For most of us, we have always played games and hopefully always will, I’m sure some of us couldn’t even grasp the idea of not playing games!

Our main goal with Mini Game Reviews is to finish every game we review. We have decided that for the majority of the games we aren’t able to finish we will endeavour to review these after at least 10 hours of gameplay for full retail releases, and at least 5 hours for console downloaded games (XBLA/PSN).

Though we are gamers, we are also parents, husbands, and wives. Our reviewers represent a wide age spectrum, and a diverse taste in games. You are sure to get a unique perspective on each title we review, and even second opinions from different types of gamers at times.

Maybe you are the partner of a gamer and want to know more about the games your other half is playing, or maybe you are a parent and would like to see a review from other parents, maybe you are even a gamer who wants to read an independent and honest review from another gamer. No matter what platform you play on or how young (or old) you are, Mini Game Reviews has you covered.

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