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Mass Effect Legendary Edition

#MassEffectLegendaryEdition The improvements to how the game looks, loads and plays are very a welcome addition. The inclusion of almost all the DLC is great (including the extended ending for #MassEffect 3) was a nice addition, but if the game didn’t click first time round there is nothing new here that will change that. Since I love Mass Effect it was great to be back. Can't wait for more
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Spider-Man – PS4

#SpiderManPS4 Perfectly captures the very essence of Spider-Man, from his costumes to the way he moves and the way he swings around the city. Engaging story, with likeable characters. Tough but fair combat, with a great selection of level up skills & gadgets
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Days Gone

#DaysGone Starts as a cliched zombie game with a messy story, but as the story progresses, it becomes more interesting & enjoyable & you really start to understand the protagonist’s motivations for being the way he is & why he does what he does. Balance between stealth & gunplay is great & hoards are so much fun
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The Last of Us Part 2

#TLOU2 Amazing combat, graphics. Myriad of accessibility options, top-notch voice acting & physics (wait until you try the rope), but unfortunately as a story-driven game it's let down by disjointed story direction & unrelatable character development. Wait until it's cheap & then buy something else
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Diablo 3 – Eternal Collection

#Diablo3 #EternalCollection It's all of Diablo 3 in one perfect package. It plays very well both docked and mobile, with great control methods and no frame rate drops. Very well suited to "pick up and play". It's a great couch co-op game.
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Ring Fit Adventure

#RingFitAdventure Not as easy as I thought it would be. Exercises can be tough at times, which is a good thing. Along with adventure mode, it has a host of mini-games and exercises & even an offline mode, where you use the ring and it records your actions to get your in-game XP
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Moss VR

#MossVR Charming storybook VR game, interesting puzzles & a delightful 3D world which encourages you to look at every nook & cranny. Controlling & interacting with the enemy or environment can be tricky. Stop & admire the view. It's amazing
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Zumba : Burn it up

#Zumba #Burnitup Another great way to get your heart rate up. Really catchy tunes, which is what this is all about in the end. Easy to pick up and play. Not sure I was always doing the exact right moves, but I had fun. Content feels a little lacking after a while
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#Control enjoyable supernatural title, with an engaging but odd story with some great Easter eggs, graphics & voice acting. Great environment traversal & interesting upgrades. Very long load times. Frame rate is abysmal, making the game virtually unplayable at times. Consider waiting until they fix this before buying
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Knack 2

#Knack2 An entertaining game with a well rounded fun story. Great combat, which is let down at times by awkward camera mechanics. Upgrade chests feel far too spread out & the random drop element often leaves the player with an inventory full of partially complete (and thus useless) items.
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Dead Cells

#DeadCells A wonderful update on the #RogueLike gameplay, great upgrades. Tough but ultimately rewarding combat. Easy to pick up & play, but hard to master. But if dying in a game over and over again is not your thing, then this isn't a game for you
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#Wargroove An incredibly cute and well-made reimagining of the old and formerly Nintendo-exclusive Advance Wars series that doesn't drown you in complexity like many turn-based strategy games do
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#Pode Cute, adorable, great controls & wonderful music. Sometimes it's a little hard to see what is going on when played on the switch screen (zoom would have been good). Would have been nice to be able to swap key mapping. Some tough puzzles, but fun in Co-op
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DangerZone 2

#DangerZone2 I love this. It has the spirit and soul of Burnout. Big improvement on the Original #DangerZone. Controls feel a little twitchy at times and it's a little short on maps. Some of the maps can be VERY tough, but well worth the time. I really missed music in this game.
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Titanfall 2

#TitanFall2 The differences between Mech and Pilot movements feels really good. Nice selection of weaponry. A short, but very interesting story with a couple of VERY well designed missions.
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X-Morph Defense

#XMorphDefense Good value for money for a fun mix of tower defense and pure blasting. Can be very challenging (frustratingly so at times). Tower placement is a little complicated, so during a fight, it can get very fiddly. Great couch co-op.
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Burnout Paradise Remastered

#BurnoutParadiseRemastered It's arcade open world driving at it's greatest - the music takes you straight to Paradise City, it's Burnout, and there's a great selection of transports. Plenty to do, but it feels expensive for a re-master.
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#Everspace Stunning visuals. Took me a while to get into it, but once it clicked, it was very easy to “just one more run” over and over again. Lots of replayability with it’s take on a “dungeon crawler in space”. It's great fun with a friend, taking it in turns, laughing when they die hitting an asteroid.
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Super Mario Odyssey

#SuperMarioOdessey Looks gorgeous, plays well. Camera is a pain at times. Easy game & if you find it hard you've probably gone the wrong way. Tropes aside, it's a fun game , plenty to do. If you're a Mario fan, you're going to LOVE it. But if not, then this isn't going to change your mind
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Horizon Zero Dawn – The Frozen Wilds

#HorizonZeroDawn #TheFrozenWilds A slow start, but once you get back into it, it really picks up the pace. I ramped the difficulty to "very hard" for this DLC because the intense combat is one of the best parts. Although not the "must buy" DLC I was hoping for, it's a great way to get more Horizon Zero Dawn, and boy is it good to be back.
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Star Wars : Battlefront 2

#StarWars #Battlefront2 Engaging single player story & a fun multiplayer. Has a real Star Wars feel to it, both on the ground and in space, with plenty of upgrades available in game. I personally had no problems with the Loot Box upgrade system, but it might not appeal to everybody.
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Assassin’s Creed Origins

#AssassinsCreedOrigins Great prequel to a well-established franchise. The RPG elements & skill trees, as well as the beautifully crafted open world, make it a joy to play. Interesting NPC's and a great story.
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Destiny 2

#Destiny2 Feels like a reboot rather than an evolution. Better story, character development & more humour. At its heart, it's very much the same game. PvP is better due to the change to 4v4. Respects your "real" life by making the loot system and acquisition a lot simpler and less time consuming.
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#DOOM No health regeneration, incredible weapons, great level design, a good story. Thumping great music. #DOOM is back, a true modern classic. Great selection of upgrades, runes, weapons & EXO Suit. Haven't played much multiplayer yet, but single player is rocking, save an unreasonably hard boss fight
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Coming Sept 22 2017

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