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Quantum Break

Genre: Single Player, Action-adventure, third-person shooter

  • Available for:
  • PC
  • XBOX One

I played: Around 15 hours


  • Very well told story with some likeable characters.
  • Great solid 3rd person shooter and a nice take on the standard shooter, which, with the addition of time powers, can make the fights feel very upbeat and dynamic. Remedy has put a nice set of twists on the standard 3rd person genre.
  • The visuals are stunningly beautiful. Make sure you spend time to just look around as the game engine does an amazing job of representing the fractures in time.
  • Brings a whole new meaing to "freeze" when someone points a gun at you.
  • The mix between live action and gameplay worked very well for me, giving me a chance to sit back and enjoy the level I had just played, and to get some background information on the rest of the cast and the world in which the game is set.


  • Despite downloading the video pack, I still received the odd bufferring message during video playback.
  • Once you have finished the main game, it offers very little re-playability
  • Despite the combat being amazing and very interesting in general, most of the fights just aren't long enough to properly showcase the aforementioned.

You can buy a copy of Quantum Break on Xbox One from CDKeys, which helps support Mini Game Reviews.

This title was supplied for review by the Publisher.

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