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Guild Wars 2 – Legendary

The making of a Legendary

Definitely worth time and effort just to have this.
Definitely worth time and effort just to have this.

Going for a legendary item is difficult, it requires a great deal of time, effort, and luck. In all the games I have played I have always set a current goal. In Guild Wars 2 it is to achieve one legendary and I am aiming for The Flameseeker Prophecies.

This is how I am currently getting my outstanding items alone without spending too much of my in-game gold, or any real world money to obtain my first, and most likely my only, Legendary item. I never bought the precursors at release with real money when they were at 5-10 gold; I didn’t abuse or receive anything of great value at the Karka event, or buy my items when the bots devalued everything.

The Gift of Mastery

  • Bloodstone Shard
  • Obsidian Shards
  • Gift of Exploration
  • Gift of Battle

Guild Wars 2 - World Completon

This gift should not take very long to complete. Firstly, World Completion is easy to do solo but you might have to wait a few weeks till your server gets the points to be either Red, Blue or Green, it will happen just work on the other parts for now. A Bloodstone Shard is easily obtained solo, it costs 200 skill points from Miyani beside the Mystic Forge in Lions Arch. A minimum of 500 Obsidian Shards are needed, 250 for the Gift of Mastery and the rest for the clovers; just buy them with your jugs of karma as you can boost the karma reward from these with guild bonuses. The Gift of Battle is purchased with 500 Badges of Honor. With the current patches, badge drops are pretty common, you could run with your servers zerg or do the jumping puzzle in Eternal Battlegrounds for around 10-15 badges.

Gift of The Flameseeker Prophecies

  • Icy Lodestones
  • Superior Sigil of Battle
  • Gift of Metal
  • Gift of History

Obtaining the Gift of Metal was quite easy. I had most of the materials stored and have enough for another gift of metal if needed. The Superior Sigil of Battle I had to buy for 3 gold, but if you search the trading post for weapons with the sigil’s name i.e. “of Battle” you might get it at a cheap price as some players might place it on without checking the true price. The 100 Icy Lodestones will cost 100 gold, so leave these till the very end when its ready to craft.

The only truly difficult thing about this, or any other gift, is the 100 lodestones and dungeon tokens which depends on the legendary you are after. My guild kindly ran the Ascalon Catacombs so I could obtain the dungeon tokens. We will still run the dungeon so other members can experience all the paths without being harassed. The Onyx, or any of the Lodestones are extremely expensive if you didn’t buy them before the bots got banned. Your current cheapest option is to either buy the cores and upgrade them or buy some and run the dungeon they drop from as the cores will be common.

Gift of Fortune

  • Mystic Clovers
  • Globs of Ectoplasm
  • Gift of Magic
  • Gift of Might

Guild Wars 2 - Gift of FortuneThe Gifts of Magic & Might require 250 of each set of tier six materials, most of which are extremely expensive or hard to acquire.  The way I am going to get them is with Laurels. Forget spending them on Ascended items, just use them for the Heavy Crafting Bags. With three tier six materials for one Laurel, this method is your best option as it just requires you to complete your daily and monthly achievements. Globs of Ectoplasm aren’t too hard to complete, just do a few Meta events every week for the guaranteed Rare or Exotic item and you will start to build up a nice pile of items that you can salvage for them.

Mystic Clovers are obtained from the Mystic Forge, I spent 260 globs of ectoplasm to obtain the 77 needed, and this was the most painful experience ever. I’m not a betting man so the one ectoplasm recipe was best for me to make certain I got them. Once the clovers are made you should have quite a few of the tier six materials, and together with the laurels you will be nearing completion of the Gift of Fortune.

Guild Wars 2 - Legendary - Mystic Forge
Don’t make my mistake get Mystic Clovers first!

The Precursor

One of the important items I am missing, like many other players in Tyria. Don’t waste your hard earned gold on the Trading Post! I’m not paying 400 gold for The Chosen I will get it from a drop sooner or later. Remember there will be a possible Scavenger Hunt in the future, other events where they will be given out (Flame & Frost?), and with future developments.

That’s just for the Precursor, I know no way I’m I paying that much!
That’s just for the Precursor, I know no way I’m I paying that much!


In closing, most of us can get our Legendary with a bit of time. It’s just the precursor and play time that are the main problems. I know some players out there are nearing their fifth Legendary, but most of us don’t have a great deal of play time to invest countless hours farming and grinding dungeons. So please don’t farm dungeons excessively, just have fun enjoy the content, this game is not supposed to be a second job. Just enjoy it!


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