Why is Bioware doing ending DLC instead of a blog post?

There appears to be a lot of annoucements on the internet about Bioware producing something called the “Extended Cut”, which will be some “additional cinematic sequences and epilogue scenes”, due for release sometime during Summer 2012.

This new FREE DLC will clarify some of the questions surrounding the current ending for Mass Effect 3, Now what really puzzles me about this is: Why don’t they just do it in a Blog post?  Use words and just tell us what the ending actually means.  It really does seem a massive amount of effort, restructuring all the existing DLC plans etc just for some “additional cinematic sequences and epilogue scenes”.

Good Luck Bioware, the fans will be watching you, but honestly with so much of what developers & publishers say about games before they release being a lie, I have decided to only believe in things I can trust. Things like “Space Magic”, and the supernatural. I will listen no more to the ramblings of developers & publishers.

Hold The Line.

Source: Shopto news feed

If you want to see what all the fuss about Mass Effect 3 is, you can buy it from here.



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