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Watchability update to Mini Game Reviews

Ever played a game in the living room only to be told by your loved one to “Turn it down, please – that game has annoying sounds!”?

Nowadays, with all the current game consoles (PS3, XBOX360, Wii, Wii U) and all the next generation consoles (PS4, XBOX One, Valve’s SteamOS) being squarely aimed at your living room, why not involve your loved ones in your gaming? One of the next generation consoles even has the ability to switch between Games/TV/Movies at the touch of a button (or voice command), making it absolutely clear that these gaming machines are intended for central placement in the household.
Some games have amazing stories and characters and are perfectly watchable by people who aren’t actually playing them, whereas others, well let’s just say they require flying solo.

SteamOSFor many years most of the games reviewed on Mini Game Reviews have been played by @udoh13 in the living room of the family home and watched by @paprikaya and other family members, but not every game has been enjoyed equally by all. Some games are better suited to being played alone when everyone else has gone to bed, whereas other games have such an amazing story, great characters and/or brilliant music that they are very entertaining for other people in the living room to watch.


In light of this, and the probable future turn to consoles-as-media-centers, Mini Game Reviews is adding a new section to future reviews entitled “Watchability”. Using this section, will we do our very best to indicate if we feel that the game is suitable “Living Room Material”, and if the game is “Watchable” by others.

We hope you enjoy the new addition to our website and that you find it useful in making decisions as to which game(s) to buy.

Lost Planet 3 is the first of many of game reviews to contain our new Watchability section. Go check it out!

Feel free to comment below, or make any suggestions.

NOTE: This new “Watchability” section does not indicate if the game reviewed is “Child Friendly”. That decision is the responsibility of the player. They must decide if the game is suitable viewing material for the occupants of the room they are playing it in.


My name is David Hatch, I am a husband, parent and a gamer, I have played games for as long as I can remember, all the way back from a ZX81 to the XBOX360 and into the future with the PS4. I will always be a gamer.

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