Was Castlevania-Lords of Shadow updated to make it easier?

I have already reviewed Castlevania-Lords of Shadow on the xbox 360, and given it a 5 out of 9 on the Mini Game Reviews Twitter Scale.  I played it over the Christmas 2010 holidays, and whenever I tried to get back into the game, I found it very hard, even on the easiest level.

So I was very suprised the other day when I picked up Castlevania and found it much easier to play, Had I got better?  Maybe it was all that Splinter Cell & Just Cause 2 I have been playing recently?  Or maybe Castlevania is one of those games that gets easier the closer you get to finishing it?

My gut feeling is that it was the update, but can I find out anything at all about the update for the game?  No.  Why not?  We are encouraged to update almost all our console games on what feels like a weekly basis, but very few of the developers ever seem to tell us why they updated the game?  Is there something they are trying to hide from us?

Personally I would love it if developers would tell us more about the update, what has changed, if there have been any balance changes to the game.  So come on developers don’t be shy, tell us about the hard work you have been doing changing and fixing your games.

Game Note: If you own Castlevania, you owe it to yourself to finish it, and when the title sequence has finished… don’t move, watch the end movie.  There are 2 DLC’s coming, and after finishing the game, I now want both.


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