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X-Morph Defense


  • Available for:
  • PS4
  • PC
  • XBOX One

I played:


  • A great balance between tower defense and pure guns-out-destroy-everything-in-your-path blasting
  • The local co-op mode is so much fun - it adds a fun way to experience the game, which allows for more gameplay hours without it getting "old"
  • There are some very challenging level designs!


  • Upgrading the towers can be a painfully slow process, with far too many clicks involved for my tastes. Furthermore, placing towers during a fight often becomes extremly fiddly. This could easily have been remedied by the game being paused when you place a tower, giving you ample time to upgrade them
  • Collecting resources during a fight is easily forgotten
  • There are some very challenging level designs...
  • Rather repetitive after a while (the co-op mode helps a little with this)
  • The game takes a while to load at times

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