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Torchlight 2

The introduction to the game is a very simplistic, but extremely effective, storyboard animation that matches the styling of the game, which is very cartoonish. It has a simple character-creation method which doesn’t give you a lot of options for customization; only gender, face, hair and styling, along with different options for a pet.

The combat is point and click – similar to games from the past such as Baldur’s Gate and Diablo. The game itself has a number of dungeons located in its many areas, and each one has a number of secrets passages leading to treasure, quests, champions or items.
The achievements associated with the game are extremely long to complete, and require copious amounts of grinding.

Torchlight 2  Screen Shot


  • Available for:
  • PC

I played: 25 hours


The simplicity of the gameplay made playing it very enjoyable and addicting. The cartoony art-style was fun.


After a while it became very repetetive and difficult to play. The achievements are annoying.


The game is surprisingly addicting. The cartoony aesthetic matches the vibe of the game and the animations well, making it quite appealing in a fun way, reminiscent of Nintendo game design. I wish I had found groups of players online to play with as it would have made the experience that much better, but the multiplayer option seems pretty dead.

As much as I enjoyed the game I do wish there was a way to disable the annoying achievements which don’t add anything to the game or keep you playing. You can ignore them, but they throw them in your face, which somewhat ruins the game for you rather than provide more worthwhile content. In a game as good as this, it just feels like lazy game-design – either give the player the option to hide them, or remove them from the game entirely.

The only other point I could really fault is not allowing for optimization for a control pad, rather than using a touchpad and keyboard. Given the amount of key bashing I did, it would be damaging on a laptop system.



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