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The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt

Genre: Action role-playing

  • Available for:
  • PC
  • PS4
  • XBOX One

I played: until completion with well over 100hrs


Visually stunning, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt shows that the current generation of consoles can produce some fantastic looking games. The game has an amazing and fulfilling main story, woven masterfully amongst some of the best side quests I have ever played. Some of these side quests are better than a lot of other games' main quests, and they all feel pleasantly unique and interesting, as opposed to sour chores designed to make your life a repetetive misery. The characters and dialogue are so well written that they all feel like real people rather than NPC's. The in game Card Game 'Gwent' is really great fun to play.


Despite lowering the volume of the music in game, it seems to become louder than the voices during some of the dialogue scenes, leaving subtitles a definite must. Antiquated inventory and crafting system - it takes far too long to navigate through the inventory to find an item when you want to use it. Geralt has issues with drops from "high" places, so be careful when nearing a drop of any size. Specifically, Geralt the bad-ass Witcher can be slain by a very small drop (not unlike how Altaïr the bad-ass assassin was the worst swimmer known to man in the first AC game). Geralt's imminent death-by-slope can, however, be circumvented by sliding down the drop. Despite the game being very well written and the story well constructed in general, I occasionally experienced having no idea what my character was talking about. Events of which I, as the player, knew very little or nothing at all about were casually referenced as though I was supposed to know, leading to some confusion.

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