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The Red Solstice

The on-line mode is a fast paced tactical 8 player cooperative survival game with you in a large map achieving different objectives against swarms of aliens which increase in difficulty as the time progresses. If you don’t like playing with others you can play solo and still unlock the weapons, armour, gear enhancements and ranks. The single player campaign is still unforgiving but it’s essential if you want to learn the basics before going into the multi player game. As you progress you will level up, find weapons upgrades and armours which help you customize your squad these will not carry over to multi player.  Its an extremely solid game, very challenging on-line and in the story the only real problem is that there are a lack of players in multi player. The controls are simple to master but the game-play will kill you a lot before you understand what to do. In all, I would love to see a sequel and similar games like this. You can pick this game up on steam for £18.99 it is also usually on sale and is worth it.

Genre: Tactical squad based survival shooter

  • Available for:
  • PC

I played: 15 Hours


The single player & survival campaigns provide a lot of fun and it’s very challenging in a fun way.


The ending could have been more satisfying and no quick saves so you lose all progress if you have to leave also there is a lack of players in the multi-player.

NOTE : This title was supplied for review by the Publisher.

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