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The Last of Us Part 2

Genre: Single Player Action-adventure, survival horror

  • Available for:
  • PS4

I played: Until Completion, around 28 hours


  • The accessibility options are incredible, with so many different settings
  • Amazing graphics and audio, brilliant voice acting
  • Combat is very solid, and the enemy AI is very clever, really keeps you on your toes
  • The rope physics are amazing
  • The sound track, created by the characters is wonderful, and playing the guitar is great
  • The overall gameplay is very similar to The Last of Us, with a few extras, so it’s easy to get back into


  • The story is very disjointed and has too many tropes
  • The way in which the violent event(*) is handled creates a situation that the storytelling (about halfway through the game) is unable to resolve and creates characters that you struggle to relate to
  • You end up fighting too many human enemies, and despite the AI is very good, they aren’t as fun to fight as the infected
  • After the change halfway through the game, I just felt I wanted to stop playing, it was more of a drag than fun

This title was purchased with our own funds.

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