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Super Mario Odyssey

Genre: Single-player, multiplayer Platform-adventure

  • Available for:
  • Switch

I played: 20 hours so far


  • It looks amazing, and plays very well. There are so many varied worlds to explore and so much to do!
  • A wonderful walk down memory lane which unleashed plenty of nostalgic feelings as the game progressed. There are some great levels, both the 2D and 3D ones have their merits.


  • The tried, tested and somewhat tired trope of rescuing and saving the princess is back, and that simplistic, antiquated view seems to old fashioned for 2018, even if it is Mario we're talking about.
  • It's very easy. By 'very' I almost mean 'too'.  If the game seems hard at any point, you've probably gone the wrong way.
  • Sometimes the camera can be a real pain, hiding everything you really care about behind a tree or a big rock, whilst giving you a wonderful view of said static, inanimate objects.

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