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Star Wars : Battlefront 2

Genre: Single-player, multiplayer First-person shooter, third-person shooter

  • Available for:
  • PC
  • PS4
  • XBOX One

I played: Around 30 hours and still enjoying the ongoing content


  • An interesting and engaging Star Wars story which is fun to play and fits nicely into the general timeline of the films.
  • Multiplayer is great fun, and playing the ground troops has a really good Star Wars feel to it. The maps are just the right size to fit the number of players; neither too big nor too small, Goldilocks style.
  • The Galactic Combat mode, which involves flying classic Star Wars ships around, is incredible, and the maneuverability of the vessels is just right.
  • Arcade mode has some great split screen moments, with some classic Star Wars characters and locations.
  • You can switch between 3rd and 1st player mode with the touch of a button, which can completely transform the way you play the game. It's a nice feature more "first person" games should implement.
  • It will take a while before you unlock all the Star Card upgrades!


  • If you lose a section in the large scale battles, you have 30 seconds to retreat. This involves running away from the enemy as they shoot you in the back - if you stay and fight, you will be killed when the time is up. This is a terrible game mechanic, and I can't fathom why they ever thought it was a good idea.
  • There is a random loot box system (Star Cards), that contain upgrades for all the characters and vessels. Keeping the system totally random can make it tricky to get the upgrades you want, which can be slightly frustrating. Although you can "craft" your own Star Cards, the rate at which this occurs can feel painfully slow, leaving you hoping you find the stuff you want instead.
  • Some sections of the story feel "shoe horned" in and don't always seem to flow neatly from the previous story section.
  • It will take while before you unlock all the Star Card upgrades...

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