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Space Hulk Ascension

Space Hulk Ascension

The game is similar to Space Hulk in game play style but the developers at Full Control did a pretty solid job.

#SpaceHulk Follows the board game giving an authentic gaming experience. Slow animations drag out the game. Too expensive but enjoyable

The game is more difficult than its predecessor and the game’s mechanics have been updated while not deviating too much from the original source material. While the game is a lot more enjoyable I found the customization lacking there just isn’t enough variety in the customization for each of the Space Marine chapters. There is a lot of good features in this game with three long campaigns with side missions which will keep you occupied for hours. Each marine can be customized by their stats to make a squad of your play style. The only real faults with the game is customization, a few weapon balance issues and removing the death animations. In all it may not be a major improvement over it’s predecessor but is one of the better turn-based titles at the moment and one of the better Space Hulk adaptations.

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Genre: Turn-Based Tactical, RPG

  • Available for:
  • PC

I played: 15 hours


The missions can be challenging and enjoyable in short periods of play.


Limited customization and the game does get boring very fast.

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