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Sacred 3

Sacred 3 Title Screen Shot

Genre: Action RPG, Fantasy, Hack & Slash

  • Available for:
  • PC
  • PS3
  • XBOX 360

I played: 11 hours


The Hack and Slash aspect to the game is fun enough, and if you grab a co-op partner it's a good laugh. The character customization in between levels is fun with some interesting skills to choose from.


In co-op it's hard at times to see where you are on the screen, with all the monsters and spell effects going on. After a while I ended up turning down the voice acting as the humor just doesn't work. The lack of loot drops makes the hack & slash repetitive with no real end goal.

Watchability: Is this game Living Room Material?


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The gameplay itself is repetitive and the environments all start to look the same after a short while. The use of humor is also irking at times, as it seems incredibly forced and "just for the sake of it", without much of it adding to the story in any way.

The art in the cutscenes was nice to look at.

Repetetiveness of gameplay. The forced, out of place dialogue and humor.

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