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Risen 3 – Titan Lords

The next Risen game has arrived, and it has surprised me. It may not be perfect, but it certainly doesn’t deserve the current amount hate it’s receiving. No, it doesn’t have a great story, and the game play (especially the combat) is difficult to get into at the beginning, but in spite of this, it’s still a pretty decent game.

Risen 3 - Titan Lords Screen Shot 001

Risen 3 opens with an introduction to combat showing the basics of sword fighting and using the pistol. The following part begins the actual game, and during this bit I found that I was relying heavily on my companion Patty, along with constant reloads. It did give an insight to the game, using certain magic spells, and some of the puzzles you will encounter later in the game. I think the combat could have been made easier during this stage to ease the player into the game, along with a better introduction to sword combat, for example showing players when to strike, block or use a powerful attack against single and multiple enemies.

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Gameplay: Similar to the previous games, but it seems a easier in this installment. The AI companions are more noticeable this time around, mostly for being decidedly more useful in combat and healing, which is a definite improvement. The game improves on content from Risen 2 such as treasure finding and sailing, and the layout of the interface is similar. Puzzles still play a big part, but they aren’t too difficult or different from anything we’ve faced before. A lot of areas are similar to areas in Risen 2, and are most likely recycled with little updates. We also get three types of mini games; Arm Wrestling, Drinking and Knife throwing. All three will provide easy glory at the early stages of the game.

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There are also multiple sea battles with sea monsters. I found these difficult due to the camera blocking my view, and they went on for a few minutes longer than I would have liked. The Soul mechanic will change the game in certain ways depending on which way you lean (good or evil).

We are given three factions we can join: The Demon Hunters, The Pirates or The Mages. Each will improve the look of your character as you advance through the story.

The combat has changed slightly from the previous games, and it seems a great deal easier once you get the hang of it, becoming incredibly easy later in the game. It does requires some effort, as you have to actually watch your enemy, rather than mindlessly mashing buttons, but anyone with half a brain can do it. After a while you will be taking on 5v1’s without a scratch.

While playing a Mage the magic becomes very useful as you can interrupt enemies and easily finish them off in bulk, perfect for the major boss battles. The demon hunters can summon powerful shadow warriors which are great for creating distractions. Regardless of which faction you join, the pivotal thing to remember for successfull combat is that this isn’t a button basher; you need to watch the monsters, get their patterns down and use the dodge mechanic to sway battle in your favour.

Risen 3 - Titan Lords Screen Shot 004

The graphics have improved from Risen 2, for the hours I have played I haven’t seen / noticed any graphic glitches or weird shadow lighting like the previous two games. While the graphics may not be the best for 2014 they are decent enough.

Glitches like any game are present when fighting enemies with a companion your attacks won’t register at times. Occasionally you will get stuck against the scenery especially during the combat which usually leads to defeat.

Risen 3 - Titan Lords Screen Shot 005

The DLC content isn’t too long, but I feel it should have been included as a part of the main game, as it’s just too expensive for such little content. Both islands can be completed in about 20-25 minutes each, which becomes disappointing when you realise you’ve spent your hard-earned money on not even an hour of extra game-play.

Overall it is a huge improvement over Risen 2, and I found it extremely fun to play. I have enjoyed this game more than I thought I would, and I’d recommend this game if you’re interested and want to give it a try. I started Risen 3 with low expectations because of how poor Risen 2 was, but after playing it I definitely have hope for the Risen franchise, if they decide to continue it.

Genre: Action role-playing

  • Available for:
  • PC
  • PS3
  • XBOX 360

I played: 44 Hours, Full Game


The combat kept me playing, and anyone can master it fairly quickly.


The boss battles are difficult, can be encountered very early on in the game, and they're too frustrating with everything else going on around you.

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