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Risen 2 – Dark Waters

Risen 2 – Dark Waters

I got Risen 2 after completing the first game:

#Risen Combat gets repetitive quickly. Has a few issues with quests breaking & the difficulty of enemies especially near the end of the game, but a fun game overall

The concept pretty much won me over – sailing the seas as a pirate, hiring my own crew and exploring the islands. Sounds pretty great to me.

The game doesn’t really explain what happened between Risen 1 and 2, how we lost the Titan armour and weapons. The game follows the same formula from the first a new titan is on a rampage Mara & the Kraken is attacking the Sword Coast. We meet characters from the first game and join them on a journey to go and get the titan artifacts in order to kill Mara.

The games environment is amazing, the towns, the characters, the detail is memorable, most of the characters are great from Voodoo priestess to the bad mouthed gnome pirate. I didn’t really like the reusing of character skins for the lessor characters which appear in each town and the jungle plants that grow when you approach them.

Risen 2 - Dark Waters Screen Shot

The combat does have some improvements from using pistols, parrots, new types of weapons and skills to help you out such as kick & greater damage. But it still doesn’t help the combat it is still bash the attack button until one falls over, the enemies will circle around you especially the giant crabs attacking you from all sides. Combat will usually end in defeat if you engage or pull too many enemies. The earth titan boss battle is pretty boring compared to the fire titan from the first game the fight required to time your throws and dodging then a QTE (Quick Time Event) or you will have to start the process over.

Overall, the game looks great better than the first except it does have some problems which make it look unpolished, extremely boring & unplayable in some parts. I could only play for around 15-20 minutes before becoming bored with the game I couldn’t suffer through it to complete the game.

Genre: Monsters, Pirates, Action RPG

  • Available for:
  • PC
  • PS3
  • XBOX 360

I played: for around 10 hours


The setting, style of the towns, environments and characters where the main reasons I kept on playing.


The combat was a great leap backwards from Risen 1 best to avoid combat whenever possible if the game can hold your attention.

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