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Moss VR

Genre: VR Adventure, Puzzle

  • Available for:
  • PC
  • PS4

I played: 10 hours


  • A charming puzzle game, told as though it were from a storybook. Wonderfully narrated and presented in 3D VR glory
  • The environment is created in such a way that to find all the hidden elements and secrets, you have to literally look round every corner. This definitely adds ambiance and creates a sense of authenticity, a definite plus when it comes to VR gaming
  • Lead character is great, and the way the story is told is utterly captivating


  • Occasionally when trying to control or interact with objects using the controller, whilst also trying to control Moss, the game becomes very complicated. At these times, the VR and camera can become slightly confused and can go a little “nuts”, which is frustrating in an otherwise smooth gaming experience
  • I found the puzzles a little hard at times (but I was often helped out by Moss pointing at something I had missed)

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