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Mass Effect Legendary Edition

#MassEffectLegendaryEdition The improvements to how the game looks, loads and plays are very a welcome addition. The inclusion of almost all the DLC is great (including the extended ending for #MassEffect 3) was a nice addition, but if the game didn’t click first time round there is nothing new here that will change that. Since I love Mass Effect it was great to be back. Can't wait for more

Genre: Single Player Action role-playing, third-person shooter

  • Available for:
  • PC
  • PS4
  • PS5
  • XBOX One
  • Xbox SeriesX

I played: 120 hours and counting


  • Some nice Quality of Life improvements on all the titles, improved load times and looks are very welcome
  • Inclusion of almost all the DLC (It is missing Pinnacle Station from Mass Effect 1)
  • Great to be able to use the same character across all 3 games


  • Some of the DLC can feel a little “bolted on”
  • Some of the encounters (Especially in Mass Effect 2) can be a little tough
  • Missing the Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

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