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Knack 2
#Knack2 An entertaining game with a well rounded fun story. Great combat, which is let down at times by awkward camera mechanics. Upgrade chests feel far too spread out & the random drop element often leaves the player with an inventory full of partially complete (and thus useless) items.

Genre: Single-player, multiplayer, Action, platformer

  • Available for:
  • PS4

I played: 15 hours


  • A great fun experience, with a well rounded and entertaining story
  • The way that Knack changes his size is a wonderful concept for a game mechanic
  • If anyone on your PlayStation network has played the game and opened any upgrade chests, you can select the random item they got instead of the one you got


  • The targeting system can sometimes be difficult. For example, when you use the boomerang, it often hits the wrong target over and over again.
  • The upgrade chests felt too far and few between. After my first play through, I felt that I had not been able to make a lot of gadgets in order to upgrade, and with the random drop mechanism working in such a way that you may end up with quite a few unfinished gadgets, only a few upgrades can be made in any one play through.

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