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Horizon Zero Dawn

Genre: Single-player Action Role-playing

  • Available for:
  • PS4

I played: 70 hours and finished to Platinum Tophy


  • Stellar voice acting and amazing characters, coupled with a really well-told and engaging story make a great starting point to a fantastic game. A lot of work has been put into fleshing out the in-game world, and there are a lot of very nice details about the characters and the tribes.
  • The game is visually stunning, and after well over 60 hours spent in the game, I feel like I am still finding new and exciting details scattered around.
  • The combat is very fluid - the dodge system and the way you can swap weapons and ammo types during combat is dynamic and intense. The combat system encourages you to be creative when taking on your enemies; to use the environment to your advantage, and to experiment with the variety of weapons to approach situations diversely. The more you experiment, the more you learn, evolve and improve your gameplay, which is a fantastic way of keeping the game fresh.
  • The crafting of both upgrades and ammunition requires exploring and the collection of materials from around the world. It's fun without taking too much time away from your enjoyment of other aspects of the game.
  • A nice skill upgrade system makes the game more fun to play almost from the very start.
  • The animation and the "personality" of the robot dinosaurs is often truly incredible; different species react in very different ways to both your own and other species.


  • The audio occasionally overlaps, resulting in Aloy and other people talking over each other at crucial moments.
  • There are some lip sync issues on some of the characters, but they're not frustrating enough to stop you from enjoying the game and the story as a whole.
  • Jumping when you are on cliff tops can be a bit of a pain at times - missing a step is a very easy way to die.

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