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Horizon Zero Dawn – The Frozen Wilds
#HorizonZeroDawn #TheFrozenWilds A slow start, but once you get back into it, it really picks up the pace. I ramped the difficulty to "very hard" for this DLC because the intense combat is one of the best parts. Although not the "must buy" DLC I was hoping for, it's a great way to get more Horizon Zero Dawn, and boy is it good to be back.

Genre: Single-player action role-playing

  • Available for:
  • PS4

I played: for around 15 hours


  • A nice DLC which adds some intriguing content to an already brilliant game.
  • There are some great new characters and a nice narrative addition which builds well on the main story.
  • I really enjoy the way ramping up the difficulty level to "very high" creates some utterly intense, absorbing combat moments.
  • The game is still fantastically beautiful. The new section of the map has plenty to offer to keep you occupied for a good while to come.


  • It takes a little while to get back into the game if you haven't been playing Horizon recently.
  • Inventory management is still a pain. Single player games like this should just remove this game mechanic - it's tedious, and no one ever seems to be able to come up with a system that doesn't grate your nerves in the long run as though it were a six year old neighbour attempting to learn the violin.

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