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Guild Wars 2 : Path of Fire


  • Available for:
  • PC

I played: far too long (again)


  • A really interesting, well-told story which blends references to the original Guild Wars into Guild Wars 2, without assuming you have played the first game
  • ArenaNet introduces mounts, and this adds a variety of movement methods in the maps. The mounts are extremely well crafted, especially with regards to movement animation, cuteness and variation (each mount fills its own niche, so there's plenty of variety to cater to each individual character's personality and looks)
  • New Elite Specializations that add some more play styles to your existing favourite characters
  • Some nice changes to the way loot is handled, making it a little easier to manage inventory, BUT


  • Quite a few of the new items don't go into the materials storage, making your inventory fill up too much. Everyone hates a clogged up inventory, and this is especially frustrating in light of previous efforts by ArenaNet to combat this exact issue
  • Occasionally, there are too many achievements and collections going on at the same time, which makes it hard to keep up with everything, and near on impossible to sync playing with other people
  • Not everyone is going to love the movement of the new mounts, sometimes they can be a bit "fiddly" to handle and it can be a bit of a pain swapping between them during game play

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