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Final Fantasy XV
#FinalFantasyXV Stellar soundtrack & breathtaking visuals. Story is at times flimsy, but is helped by watching the CGI movie “Kingsglaive” & the anime “Brotherhood”. New combat system looks gorgeous & feels powerful, but camera positions & controls occasionally acting up causes frustration. Must play for true fans & worth playing for first timers.

Genre: Japanese Role Playing Game

  • Available for:
  • PS4
  • XBOX One

I played: around 60 hours, finished the main story, loads of sidequests and a tiny part of the endgame.


  • Visually stunning, from the characters to the environment. Prompto makes cool pictures for you to remember every step of the way.
  • The characters' development mercifully steers away from leading into “boy band" territory - the four main characters and even their trusty car “the Regalia” have spirit and hearth.
  • The combat feels hefty in a good way, and it's occasionally jaw-dropping (especially against bigger bosses).
  • The game comes with its own amazing soundtrack, and during trips in the Regalia you can listen to a large selection of previous Final Fantasy original soundtracks.
  • Driving around the huge open world feels like a real road trip.
  • The summons look incredible - you truly feel puny next to them.
  • Amazingly fun and versatile dungeons.
  • Riding your own Chocobo, in any colour you like!


  • The combat becomes a bit repetitive, the magic system is not very broad, and camera and controller-input bugs subtract from the joy of flying around and stabbing massive monsters.
  • Difficulty spikes and drops at random.
  • The later part of the game drops the open world for a more linear path, which is a shame.
  • The story takes a big dip quality-wise somewhere near the end (although a rework of the chapter in question is in the making - no ETA as of yet).

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