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Expeditions: Conquistador

Expedition: Conquistador is a remarkable strategic role playing game, which will keep any fan of turn-based combat immersed.

Its not a perfect game but the design, setting, and story are pleasingly thought out, and work extremely well. When selecting your party, each member will have their own personality and backstory, which in turn affect your choices throughout the game, with some choices possibly even leading characters to leave your group.
The travel system is difficult at first; moving, then camping and setting tasks for your group such as hunting, guarding, patrolling etc. Assigning one task over the other does have consequences, such as members of your group stealing your valuables, or native raids on the camp. The game is about exploration and you will spend most of your time exploring Hispaniola and Mexico. You can play how you want, for example destroying the natives or helping them.
The combat is turn-based which allows the player to deploy barricades, cannons or traps to help in some of the more difficult battles. The fights are interesting and challenging, and will almost certainly keep you engrossed. Some fights can be frustrating, especially the limited turn battles which can lead to a few restarts.

The only really problem is how short the game is. While it does have some replayability, I would personality love to see some DLC or a sequel.

Genre: Squad-Based Tactical Role-Playing Game

  • Available for:
  • iOS
  • PC

I played: 19 Hours


Excellent writing and the obscure setting.


Too short after completing all the side quests on the two maps. The game was finished in 9 hours. A few of the fights can be frustrating and extremely unbalanced.

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