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Escape Dead Island

This game was reviewed by a guest reviewer, and this was the first time that person had ever played a Dead Island title.


Genre: Adventure, survival horror

  • Available for:
  • PC
  • PS3
  • XBOX 360

I played: For around11 hours


Art style has the advantage of being timeless in the same vain as Borderlands and zelda wind waker it certainly isn't hindered by last gen graphics. Somewhat atmospheric when unarmed you feel underpowered and vulnerable. Handles open world with a linear plot well, the classic zelda paradigm can't go here without this item. There are lots of extra storyline items to collect and photo challenges, the tapes and documents left over from the labs. Somewhat humorous in places and it has style like Sunset Overdrive with its onscreen onomatopoeia.


Couple of unnecessary things could have been covered in cut scenes, rather than making your character run here pick this up run there drop it off etc. Unimaginative way of establishing the unrelatable 2 dimensional characters. Lackluster environments which get very samy very quickly. Frame rate stutter and Lighting bugs. Lack of a clear display of your health leads to some annoying check point loads which means more running from one area to the next multiple times. Mystery elements are somewhat interesting but didn't keep me engaged. Stealth elements get much harder and almost impossible in later game.

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