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Dying Light

Dying Light offers so much, and I must admit it has surprised me.  It starts off very slow with a clumsy and nearly incapable playable character, however after a few hours, and after you have collected a few levels, you begin to get the hang of things. You can move faster and begin to cause damage to the walking undead (although this is not the case when the huge buggering chaps that can basically squash you with a look are involved).

My only criticism is the actual story; it’s not great but it is a means to unlock further content, which in turn gives you more side quests. The sub-par story is not really a big problem, because with the way this game is engineered, the open world is for once, in my opinion, actually open!
You can run around as fast as you want parkour-style, or even pick as many fights as you dare. You can quite literally ignore the story and still have great fun.

When night falls in this game it becomes a whole new beast, and is utterly terrifying as you run for your life as fast as you possibly can with only a poxy flashlight to guide you in the darkness. Quite simply, you become the hunted.

Dying Light_20150309222430
At dusk I regularly find myself hauling ass across the map to the nearest safe house, where for some reason UV lights deter the zombies (I really don’t care why, I’m really just glad those things stop), and you can find a bed to sleep in until morning.

Genre: Action Survival Horror

  • Available for:
  • PC
  • PS4
  • XBOX One

I played: 10 Hours


The huge open world gameplay is amazingly fun, there are some fantastic player moments when you discover new things, great use of the PS4 controller speaker for radio comms


The story is a bit ropey and hard to accept

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