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Divinity Original Sin

Original Sin is the latest release from Larian Studios, funded with the help of a Kickstarter campaign. The game is a modern take on classic RPG’s, with an engaging world which will keep you playing. The game comes with modding tools, allowing users to create modifications along with a cooperative multiplayer campaign.


The game is easily one of the best turn based RPG’s to date, which was an unexpected surprised. The combat gives you a lot of options; going invisible, planting oil / ooze barrels before the fight and using the landscape to force the enemies into traps. The spells and weapons work wonderfully with the environment – using lightning when enemies are wet can stun them, summons will produce area of effects when they die. It seems as if the combat has been very well thought through, which makes playing it a breeze. The one area which I truly thought let the game down was crafting. I didn’t need it or see the benefits of it at all.

I was blown away by the size of the game, having spent 70 hours addictively playing it. The gameplay didn’t remind me much of Baldur’s Gate, but was more similar to Temple of Elemental Evil. As impressive as the game is, it does need to be polished a bit more. I found, on a few playthroughs, that items would disappear. For example quest items or Blood Shards would not appear, and quests would not complete from the quest journal. The dialogue options can become frustrating and having to win a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors becomes extremely frustrating as it’s not random. It could use some work.

There aren’t too many games like this any more. It can be frustrating at times, enemies can take forever to move and the odd crash happens. But I would still recommend this to anyone that is interested. The game is long, addictive and has a nice soundtrack, some great artwork and beautiful environments. A lot of care and devotion has been put into the game.

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