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Divinity: Dragon Commander

It’s an extremely fun game with hours of replay value just through seeing how the story changes given the choices you make – for example whether you build an empire based on democracy or dictatorship.

I was impressed with how detailed the designs were; from the council members, the princesses and their different suit-styles, to the soldiers and ship workers in the background. The main hub ship uses a steam-punk theme which works extremely well within the game. I enjoyed playing through some of the different princess storylines and seeing some of their different designs, which were pretty cool (bonus: if you’re of the persuasion that meat is the best thing ever, there’s one particular storyline you’ll find quite satisfying!).

The only real let down was the RTS combat, which became boring and repetitive around chapter 2. I avoided it when possible, unless it was absolutely necessary.

The game is impressive for what it does. It incorporates the different styles of gameplay (Role-Playing, Turn-Based Strategy, Real-Time Strategy and Card Game) well, which adds a lot of variety, keeping it from becoming boring (apart from the RTS combat).

It is a lot more impressive, different and ambitious than most Next Gen games.

Divinity Dragon Commander Screenshot

Genre: Role-playing, Turn-based strategy, Real-time strategy & Card Game

  • Available for:
  • PC

I played: Around 20+ Hours


The story was great, a bit of a pity there was no alternative endings based on your options throughout the game. Also the art style and characters were amazing and I really enjoyed the variety of game styles throughout my couple of play-throughs.


The RTS combat can get boring extremely fast if your the type of commander who can't trust his AI commanders. Also hated the way the enemy AI gets an extra move for building units when you invade their lands while you don't get this option when they are on your land.

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