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Destiny: The Taken King

Genre: Multiplayer, Action role-playing, first-person shooter

  • Available for:
  • PS3
  • PS4
  • XBOX 360
  • XBOX One

I played: Far too long


  • This version of Destiny is a LOT better than the one that was released last year.
  • The story is better, a little more humour and better writing.
  • This is a great time for new players to jump on board.
  • There are some wonderful new puzzles and interesting weapons hidden around the world of Destiny: The Taken King.


  • Financially Year 1 Destiny has been an expensive journey, and I don't think I will be committing to Year 3 if it continues in the same fashion.
  • This is a better story with better game mechanics, and overall a much better version of Destiny, but as a veteran player, all your old gear is useless, which feels rough after spending a lot of hours on the game.
  • I wouldn't say I feel like I've wasted my time on Year 1 Destiny (it's a fun game), but looking through the treacherous eyes of hindsight, a part of me wishes that this was the first Destiny to be released, and that I was playing this for the first time, instead of having to do it all again.

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