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#Crysis3 Story & Gameplay feels rushed. Repetitive combat, moving from one area to the next. Poor stealth, but the Bow works well.

CRYSIS 3 Suit TrailerThis game was lent to me by friend.

I have only played the Single Player portion of Crysis 3, and have not touched the Multiplayer at all.

I loved Crysis 2 (See the review here) , it felt great to play, the story was engaging and the map designs were well planned and thought out.  But Crysis 3, it’s a mess. The map designs are poor, the stealth is just “there”, the Nanosuit upgrades are confusing and the gameplay is just repetitive combat, moving from one area to the next.

For some reason, in the 3rd Crysis game of the series, we sometimes need an AI partner for most of the game, someone to help us open doors, tell us how to do things and someone to get in the way as we try to move through a level.

But this AI addition is NOT Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite), he is just annoying and gets in the way, and doesn’t seem to add anything to the story.  Speaking of the story, does anyone know what is going on? Something about some Aliens and some Military people, and everyone seems to want to kill everyone and blow up everything.

Crysis 3 isn’t a bad game,  but it’s also not a good game. For the 3rd part of a trilogy, I expected so much more from this game.

Crysis 3 -Train yard fieldsThe graphics and the gameplay just don’t feel anywhere near as good as Crysis 2.

My suggestion would be to go back and play Crysis 2 again, which I might just do as I have found it very difficult to get into the 3rd installment of this Crysis series.

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