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#Castlestorm Interesting Tower Defense with Great graphics. Music is repetitive & tower aiming is twitchy. Interesting COOP but has flaws

CastleStorm is a very good fun Tower Defense game.  I found the campaign lacking in the story aspect, and I got the feeling it was purely there to show you how to use each upgrade.  It also bugged me at times when a particular story section took away one of your toys just for the sake of it.

CastleStorm Castle DestructionWhen you play the game as a COOP one of you gets to be the Hero, this part of the COOP experience isn’t as good as the Castle part, there appears to be no way to upgrade your hero in the COOP mode (can only do this my starting a Single Player game), and because friendly fire can hurt the Hero, it’s easy for the Hero to get killed by the Tower player trying to protect the Tower.  After 1 or 2 levels, the game starts to throw bad guys at you that are considerably higher level than you, and this curve just feels completely out of place, and makes the Hero part of the COOP even harder.

CastleStorm Viking LandThe Versus mode on the other hand, is actually really good fun, at times it can feel like a Stalemate, but it’s a good laugh and will keep you entertained for a long time to come.

The game as a lot of reply value due to the upgrades and as long as you mute the title screen music you ‘ll have a great time.

This game was supplied for review by Zen Studios.

I would like to make a special thank you to @neoliphic for his help with the COOP section of this review.

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