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#BoundByFlame Linear RPG. Good crafting & skill trees. Bad voice direction & acting. Graphics & sounds are functional. Hard game & poor story.

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Genre: Role Playing Game

  • Available for:
  • PC
  • PS3
  • PS4
  • XBOX 360

I played: Around 15 hours


The crafting was interesting, and the Skill trees and level upgrades are good fun. Solid frame rate, with no slow downs at all.


The direction of the voice acting is terrible, and the story really isn't very good. I found the boss fights hard work on the normal difficulty.

If you are desperate for a RPG on the PS4, then your choices are very limited at the moment, and this is probably one of the only ones. It’s not bad as such, it’s just not very good. The direction of the voice acting is terrible, the voice acting itself isn’t that bad but there are times when people talk using “olde English” one minute and then “switch to modern swear words” the next.

I found it a hard game, and not too exciting. I did enjoy the character progression and crafting side of things, there is enough in there to give you things to play with. The combat is interesting at first, but very hard for some of the fights, I get the feeling it’s taken a lot of inspiration form the The Witcher 2, but it just doesn’t have that level of charm The Witcher 2 does.

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