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Blackguards is by far one of my most enjoyable games this year and one of the most surprising. I had suspected most of the fights would be the same kill enemies move on without any real challenges similar to Wasteland 2 which was a bitter disappointment. But the maps can vary from easy to extremely difficult given the situation or conditions of the battle of the puzzle element.

The story is very dark with memorable and likeable characters throughout with decent voice acting. The skill & talent system worked extremely well for most of the tactical maps especially for the melee characters which seemed overpowered while casters seemed torn between a number of different Adventure Point investments.

The only real fault with the game is some of the maps can be extremely frustrating to complete. A few maps would be in the arena chapter and two difficult fights during the final chapter including the final fight. One of the most annoying aspects about the game is that from chapter 3 everything that hits you poisons your characters you will have to suffer poison every battle. Lastly I had an issue with the DLC which would not install even with the correct patch.

Genre: Turn-Based RPG

  • Available for:
  • iOS
  • PC

I played: 20+ Hours Full Game


Similar to tabletop RPG’s the game has excellent controls and well planned out combat scenarios to keep players on their toes it's an extremely well executed game.


Some fights can turn into unwinnable situations, loading screens appear too often and the game is very unforgiving to new players.

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