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#BeyondTwoSouls Intense, engaging story but can feel disjointed. At heart it's a gorgeous looking interactive Movie with dodgy controls

Beyond Two Souls - Jodie Opens a Dialog with SWAT

Genre: Interactive Movie

  • Available for:
  • PS3

I played: Played for around 11 hours


Great Story and wonderful characters. Does some interesting ideas with regards to control methods to try and encourage people who don't play many video games.


Limited Interactions with the character. Inconsistent button combinations, sometimes you would asked to press one button combination to climb a ladder, and then another time a different combo.

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A very well told story with almost film like qualities. Even if you don't like this type of story there are passages where it is almost impossible not to watch.

The film like qualities makes this game fantastic to watch, if you like the genre.

Not much to dislike from a spectators point of view.

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  1. NeoLiphic

    Agree completely… Two soul’s is a film locked inside a game. And the interaction allows you to own the the story and make it subtly your own. A captivating adventure that makes you care about a character in a way that has been seen rarely in games (The Last Of Us). Replay value lies in the wish to see how you can better compete the adventure however, this act would, of me, distract from the emotions felt in my first viewing. Flawless, story telling at its best…

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