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Battlefield One

Genre: Single-player & Multiplayer First-Person Shooter

  • Available for:
  • PS4
  • PC
  • XBOX One

I played: 30 hours


  • With the right squad, the multiplayer aspect to this game is incredible.
  • The character classes have been simplified, which makes it easier to decide which profession to play.
  • The graphics are amazing, and result in some wonderfully fluid movement. The audio and frame rates are fantastic as well. The gameplay is very intense.


  • The game can be really difficult to play on multiplayer if you aren't in a squad, and struggling to that degree takes all the fun out of it. Finding a squad can be tough sometimes due to the default settings for Squad being locked.
  • Levelling your character and unlocking weapons feels excruciatingly slow.
  • The Battlepacks unlock system just feels a little messy and unrewarding.

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