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Battlefield Hardline
#Battlefield #Hardline: Slow uptake but well thought out. Niggles here and there, but overall it plays well as both a stealthy approach or in true Battlefield style - go in guns blazing.

Genre: First-person shooter, Single-player, multiplayer

  • Available for:
  • PC
  • PS3
  • PS4
  • XBOX 360
  • XBOX One

I played: 30 hrs


The Mulitplayer aspect of the game is very Battlefield, but with an interesting take on the "Cops & Robbers" scenario.


My biggest gripe with the game is that you don’t have grenades for most of the campaign. The Single Player story is fun, but it doesn't really feel like a "police story".

NOTE : This title was supplied for review by the Publisher

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