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Assassins’ Creed – Unity

Genre: Historical fiction action-adventure, stealth

  • Available for:
  • PC
  • PS4
  • XBOX One

I played: Around 40 hours


Stand on top of a building and look around. It looks amazing. A massive selection of weapons and armour gives you some interesting combinations. The co-op, despite being limited, is really good fun. The changes in Arno's movements compared to the previous Assassins is a welcome step forward, and the parkour movement is getting better.


The Hidden Blade (the weapon that made me feel like an Assassin and not a thug), is solely used for sneak attacks/assassinations, and you can no longer use it in any other type of combat. I think this is a shame, as it feels like it's been "demoted", like it's not even a real weapon any more. This may seem like an odd complaint, but previously, having the ability to draw the hidden blade and use it in any type of combat really helped me immerse myself in the role of an assassin, an aspect that is now somewhat lost. The lack of any "future" story, and any real reason for the Animus to exist, is starting to wear thin. During combat, the "parry" prompt appears on top of the person you are fighting, and when the camera obscures that person behind a building or some other structure, combat can become very tough. Arno is a very bland character, and the overall story feels like a showcase for one assassination after another. There are too many collectables, which results in a sense of being completely lost when you look at the map.

At launch there were a lot of reported issues with regards to Frame Rate and game breaking bugs, we found very few of these whilst playing AC:Unity.  We reviewed this game on patch 4. which was released back in December 2014 (Ubiblog Live Updates).

A new patch was released a few days ago, Patch 5, and we have not tried AC:Unity with this patch.

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