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#Resogun Side scrolling twin stick shooter. Timeless classic. Fan made ships add a fun new element to the game. Amazing visuals & brilliant use of sound & Controller Speaker
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Bound By Flame

#BoundByFlame Linear RPG. Good crafting & skill trees. Bad voice direction & acting. Graphics & sounds are functional. Hard game & poor story.
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Tomb Raider (PS4)

#TombRaider #DefinitiveEdition So smooth & the graphical update is a wonder to behold. Great touches with the #PS4 controller's speaker. Engaging story. But too easy, even on Hard.
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#Knack Fun platform romp with great storytelling & voice acting/audio. Wonderful visuals & cute idea. Lacks originality & some ideas don't pan out
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Zen Pinball 2

#ZenPinball2 Great selection of good looking & sounding tables. Vita Remote Play works very well, but sometimes the presentation gets in the way of the game
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#Contrast Beautiful game that oozes 1920's Paris style & charm. Great use of light & shadows. Some repetitive puzzles & short. Not for everyone
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