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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

#TheVanishingOfEthanCarter More of an experience than a game. You really try at least once. Visually stunning, Interesting & very confusing. I was unable to play for long periods time, as it caused me motion sickness
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The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt

#TheWitcher3 #WildHunt Visually stunning game, one of the most well written games I have ever played. Loved every minute of it, was never frustrated, bored or had a hard time finding anything to do
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#CounterSpy 2D Side scroller with clever 3D Stealth component. Interesting upgrades & power ups, fun to play. Make too many mistakes &the game can get tough to complete
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Shadow of Mordor

#ShadowofMordor Amazing blend of stealth, combat, RPG & a unique strategic element that keeps you coming back for more, all wrapped up neatly in a Middle Earth setting
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Alien Isolation

#Alien #Isolation The retro setting is great & the game certainly delivers on the fear factor; however after a short time I felt powerless & overwhelmed. But the iconic monster is back.
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GTA V Online

#GTAV #Online gives the game a whole new dimension, get your friends together and enjoy the guaranteed carnage of co-op missions, races and shooting everything that moves.
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