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Mantis Burn Racing

#MantisBurnRacing Old School top down racer, easy controls & a great multiplayer option. Lacks track variety, lack of power-ups means you always have to race to your best, which is both great and frustrating at the same time.
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#Hitman has a great pick & play feel to it. Wonderfully designed maps, with a lot of different ways to take our your target(s). The episodic release schedule really helps make this feel like a game designed for longevity and helps encourage you to replay the existing content.
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Witcher 3 – Blood & Wine

#Witcher3 #BloodandWine an amazing expansion pack which only adds to one the best RPG's around. The inventory is still a pain though. CDProjekt is one of the best developers out there, and this is clearly an expansion for their fans. Well worth playing
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Ratchet & Clank

#RatchetandClank A brilliant re-style of an existing franchise. The Game oozes charm & plays like a dream, some great humour and a fun to play story. Interesting weapon upgrades, that keep you busy for ages.
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Uncharted 4 – A Thief’s End

#Uncharted4 #AThiefsEnd Epic adventure from start to finish. A visual masterpiece with engaging set pieces and great characters. Solid, well established gameplay makes Uncharted a joy to play. The addition of larger areas plays well into the Uncharted gameplay, allowing different ways to attain the same goal.
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Uncharted : The Nathan Drake Collection

#Uncharted #TheNathanDrakeCollection The Characters, story and game direction are a joy to experience. An excellent remaster all around, but it lacks replayability. Overall amazing value for money. In the words of Uncharted: "Greatness from Small Beginnings".
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