Remember Me

#RememberMe Beautiful cyberpunk journey in a memory controlled future. Light & dark in equal measure. Interesting characters. Shallow combat but fun

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#Castlestorm Interesting Tower Defense with Great graphics. Music is repetitive & tower aiming is twitchy. Interesting COOP but has flaws

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Beyond Two Souls

#BeyondTwoSouls Intense, engaging story but can feel disjointed. At heart it’s a gorgeous looking interactive Movie with dodgy controls

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The Last Of Us

#TheLastofus Character development & emotional connections are second to none. Gorgeous Game. Scary, Sad & unforgettable. Never dull.

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#Journey It’s more like an interactive experience than a game. It has the best Multiplayer & music ever. Short, but wonderful.

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Uncharted 3

#Uncharted3 Great balance of Gameplay, Dialog, Characters & Story; not enough puzzles (never thought I would say that) Well worth it.

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