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#Wargroove An incredibly cute and well-made reimagining of the old and formerly Nintendo-exclusive Advance Wars series that doesn't drown you in complexity like many turn-based strategy games do
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Guild Wars 2 : Path of Fire

#GuildWars2 #PathofFire Solid expansion pack at a great price. Nice QOL changes &new Elite Specializations. Well-told story & Love the mobility offered by the mounts in the wonderfully large maps. Not much to encourage new players to join the franchise. If you play, this is well worth the money
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Kingdoms and Castles

#KingdomsandCastles Wonderful medieval SimCity. Great interface & cute graphics. Easy to pick up & play. A few issues with building placements, some buildings show a radius others don't. Has plenty of development planned for the future. Disabling the clouds was the best thing I ever did
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Titan Quest – Anniversary Edition

#TitanQuest #AnniversaryEdition Game looks better than ever, and despite its age, it's still fun to play. The multiplayer option via Steam was great, but a couple of the matches were a little laggy. Nice to see achievements, but the controls feel really outdated.
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Guild Wars 2 : Heart of Thorns

#HeartOfThorns Best MMO out there. The Gliding & the Guild Halls are amazing. Better storytelling, but main story glosses over some interesting aspects as you "fly through" it. Great time/loot sinks. Mastery system gives your account the feeling of levelling.
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The Red Solstice

#TheRedSolstice The game can be overwhelming with a steep learning curve, but once you get into it , it is hard to put down, mainly due to nice environments, balanced mechanics & fast paced game-play
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