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Dragon Age : Origins

#DragonAge Ugly Graphics, Bad console control, Clichéd RPG game. Too much grind and too many silly 'do this, kill this' quests.
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Mass Effect 2

#MassEffect2 Sci-fi RPG Sequel.This game MIGHT be better with a 3D TV. Great characters, story & atmosphere. Better than #MassEffect.
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Mass Effect

#MassEffect Sci-fi RPG Shooter. Captivating story,and wonderful characters. One of the most awesome games ever made. 4th time through.
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#Bioshock Scary FPS. When you meet a Big Daddy, OMG you RUN. It's terrifyingly wonderful fun with guns. Those bioshock kids *shiver*
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Coming Sept 22 2017

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Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, first impressions

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™ was released a little over week ago, and since then…

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