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Limited Edition Consoles!


This is something I have never gotten my head around, sure it makes some sense from a commercial standpoint and I’m sure the game publishers & designers pay a small fortune for the rights.
But from a consumers point of view I could never see myself think “theres a limited edition Fifa Xbox, I must have that”, I’ve never particularly thought they look that nice either; call me old fashioned.

And today I saw a Limited Edition Frozen PS4

Frozen I'm Out

As of recent Playstation seem to be releasing every other game with a Limited Edition console, its getting old; Quick (Google Search).

Just got wind of this article and it seams strangely appropriate.

Gold Xbox One

Now the rich and famous (and spoilt) gits of the world can own a next gen console with a little bit of a twist! Gold Xbox One & PS4.

In case your wondering, it works out around £8,500 a unit.

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    1. Nice link Tim, at least thats a bit more personal and not just a standard console with flashy stickers all over it 🙂

  1. I must admit to buying a Halo Edition of the original Xbox and actually, come to think of it the Xbox 360 too, it wasn’t that I was a Halo fan as such, but it was the best value console at the time of release. I must admit, that if I was going to buy a PS4 and Destiny at the moment, I would go for the new white PS4 bundle.

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