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Is Sherlock Holmes: Crime & Punishment going to be a linear game?

We’re British and its fair to say we are fans of the Sherlock Holmes franchise, the British public have grown up with this inspiring character and we have come to expect much from the character and the franchise!

Enter Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments, this trailer looks amazing but it does leave me a little worried; is this game going to be a linear walkthrough?  Can there really be much deviation from the story?

With games that allow such diversity and styles of play like GTA & Mass Effect, can a crime thriller be enjoyed if we are stuck in a linear story?

I enjoyed L.A. Noire like most, and it too was a crime thriller and I felt at times the game was leading me down a destined path and there was little I could do to make my journey through the game different from the countless other peoples journey.

Even so, I’m still really excited to get my hands on a copy… It’s Sherlock Holmes for goodness Sake!



Simon Fraser

My first console was the Nintendo 64 which my father bought me during a cold 90's christmas so we could race against each other, it was a slippery slope from there, buying console after console and madly overpowered gaming pc’s.

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