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Was Castlevania-Lords of Shadow updated to make it easier?

I have already reviewed Castlevania-Lords of Shadow on the xbox 360, and given it a 5 out of 9 on the Mini Game Reviews Twitter Scale.  I played it over the Christmas 2010 holidays, and whenever I tried to get back into the game, I found it very hard, even on the easiest level.

So I was very suprised the other day when I picked up Castlevania and found it much easier to play, Had I got better?  Maybe it was all that Splinter Cell & Just Cause 2 I have been playing recently?  Or maybe Castlevania is one of

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DRM or not DRM, that is the question

The other week, I was having a chat with a friend and the question of DRM on games came up.  My friend decided that she wanted to ask more people about DRM and their thoughts on the subject [ Editors Note: A copy of her DRM post can be found here ].  She sent a list of the 5 questions she wanted to ask, and I filled it in.  Here are my thoughts:

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Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Hands-on

As promised, a more detailed Hands-on from the Press Conference at EA UK for the pre-release version of new Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit.

A New Direction

You’d think that a racing game written and designed by Criterion Games, would contain elements of Burnout. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is no exception. This is a new direction for the NFS franchise, and a wonderful break for

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